Sato Torte Deco (formerly Chiyoko Deco) was established in March 2012. The name “Sato Torte Deco” is a play on words stemming from the Japanese and German language.

In Vienna 'Sachertorte' is a popular chocolate cake, in Japanese the word 'sato' means sugar. So when said really fast 'Sato torte' sounds quite like 'Sachertorte'! The 'Deco' suffix refers to Decoden, the Japanese art of decorating phone cases.

Sato Torte Deco first started selling their products in 2012 and currently has over 1000 sales (including Etsy) and 5 star reviews.

We've sold all kinds of accessories all over the globe from phone cases, to cake boxes, to ashtrays and the list goes on! Sato Torte Deco prides itself on an impeccable record of autheticity and originality.

We thoroughly research and enthusiastically seek inspiration for each and every handcrafted accessory we make and we hope this shines through our work.